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Item #RC-5002
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Assembly:Properly securing your Arbor or Pergolas is necessary to keep it intact. A strong wind could knock it over if you havenít installed the correct tools. This Anchor Kit is specifically designed for a grouping of our Garden Arbors. Click Here to see all of Arbors and Pergolas. Or click on specific arbors below to see exactly which ones this kit is made to work with. How does it work? Each of the following arbors are made with a hole drilled in each upright which allows for this anchor kit to slip over the top. If you want to try and use this kit on other arbors, you'll need to insure a hole is drilled into the bottom of each upright to allow the arbor to slip over the top when these are secured in the ground.

Flat Top Garden Arbor
Pergola Designed Arbor
Arch Shaped Garden Arbor
English Rose Arbor
New England Deluxe Arbor

Manuals :User Manual
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