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Dog House, Shed & Trailer Heater/ACDog House, Shed & Trailer Heater/AC

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These unique one of a kind pet air conditioner and heater units by Climate Right are a must where you have pets out of doors during extreme hot and cold spells.  Many dogs can sustain heat stroke and other health issues by over exposure to the sun.  There is no reason you need to bring your pet who is use to being outside indoors just to benefit from your home's air conditioning.  Non house broken pets can cause a great deal of damage to your home when brought inside during extreme weather times......now you can leave them outside and feel comfortable that they will not be adversely effected by the heat and/or cold temperatures.  Pair this pet air conditioner by Climate Right with any of our other dog houses by simply cutting 2 holes for the unit to work properly.  

In addition to keeping your pet cool, these units are highly popular with the garage mechanics and those wanting to cool and heat their truck cabs and teardrop trailers.

Climate Right CR-2500 Outdoor/Indoor Portable Heater & A/C - Not currently Available
Price : $549.00
Sale Price : $449.00
Climate Right CR-5000 Outdoor/Indoor Portable Heater & A/C - Not Currently Available
Price : $599.00
Sale Price : $549.00
Climate Right iAirQ450 Pet Free Air Purifier
Price : $119.00
Climate Right iAirQ600 Pet Free Air Purifier
Price : $229.00