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Log Style Swing A Frame
Log Style Swing A Frame

Log Style Swing A Frame

Item # LL-CF400
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Wherever you want to enjoy log swings — Ohio, California or just about anywhere else — the Cedar Wood Log-Style Swing A-Frame from Cedarwood Furniture gives you full freedom to have a swing practically anywhere on your property. Made in the U.S., this log swing frame is available in 4’ or 5’ sizes, letting you choose the best swing size to use with it. Galvanized hardware, mortise-and-tenon joinery and cedar’s naturally weather-resistant oils ensure years of happy swinging.

It's normal for all cedar log furniture to endure the natural process of checking as the wood "seasons". Checking occurs as a wooden log releases moisture across or through the annual growth rings. It does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood. All logs which contain the heart of the tree will develop lengthwise cracks or checks. The check never goes deeper than the heart.


Wood:Northern White Cedar Logs
Assembly:Full Assembly Required - See Assembly Video
Dimensions:4' Swing Frame: 70"L x 65"H x 70"W
5' Swing Frame: 70"L x 65"H x 87"W
Package Weight:4' Swing Frame: 70 Lbs
5' Swing Frame: 75 Lbs
Weight Restrictions:Each Size is tested to hold 750 Lbs including swing.
Hardware & Joints:Galvanized Hardware
Mortis & Tenon Joints (tenons & holes are 1 1/2" Dia)
Lumber & Hardware Placement Specs:Avg Leg Diameter: 3.5"
Avg Top Rail Diameter: 4" to 4.5"
4' Swing - Eye bolt placement is 58.6" apart
5' Swing - Eye bolt placement is 66" apart

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Customer Reviews

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Waiting paid offBy: ,
I just wanted to say that my patience waiting for the frame for my swing paid off. It arrived on Friday in very good condition. I debated to put it together now or wait until spring due to the fact the weather has been very cold. It went up very quickly and I was pleased with how it turned out. The swing was my husband's who passed away. I recently moved to a new house and brought it with me. The fact that a part of his memory can be enjoyed again is very special to my grand kids and our family. Thank you so much for your service, quality and product.
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Totally SatisfiedBy: ,
I could not be more satisfied with this quality cedar stand for my swing. The video made assembly quick and easy. The hardware included is quality as well. I did a lot of shopping around and reading before buying this stand. It exceeded my expectations. Great company and a great product. Thank you Adams!!!
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Fantastic product- even better service!By: ,
I bought this frame to hang a 39" web swing for my kiddo. It's high quality and comes together easily, functions really well-- but even better was how quickly they answered my initial question about whether the 4 foot for 5 foot would be better for what I needed- and how, when one of the legs met with a neighbor's riding mower, they contacted the manufacturer to special order me one replacement leg. Cannot say enough good things about this swing and about this business!
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