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Arched Gable Vents

Because they help disperse and eliminate moisture that can build up in attics and above ceilings, gable vents are a smart way to extend the life of your roof and your home. But arched gable vents are aesthetically appealing as well, lending a classic, stylish look to your home. At Adams All Natural Cedar, we carry a big selection of Cedar Wood and Other Wooden Arched Gable Vents. These arched gable vents are available in functioning and nonfunctioning versions, so you can choose one to suit your exact needs.

Our cedar and Western red cedar gables are the most popular with our customers because of their natural insect-repelling qualities. But if you are looking for an arch gable vent made of another type of wood, we offer plenty of choices, including redwood, yellow pine and cypress.

In fact, our skilled American craftsmen can custom-make an arched gable from virtually any type of wood to fit virtually any design scheme. Even if you need to match a very old custom-design gabled arch vent, call us. We can probably make one exactly to your specifications.

Our standard arched gables are available in tombstone shapes finished or unfinished and ranging from 8 x 12 to 24 x 48 in size. These will fit easily in an opening made by you or your contractor. If you are looking for a super weather-resistant material, we also offer white arched gables made of PVC.
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