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Pine Picnic Tables

Lightweight yet sturdy, pine picnic tables are a natural choice for outdoor dining. They have been favored by American families for generations for their practicality and simple good looks. This softwood is particularly suitable for painting, and we at Cedarwood Furniture offer pine wood outdoor picnic tables in a variety of beautiful colors and stains. If you love the natural look of pine, you can also order our pine tables unfinished or with a natural finish to let everyone admire the basic beauty of this wood.

We offer wooden pine picnic tables with or without benches, letting you choose the seating mode thatís best for you. If you want benches, you can order tables with benches attached or separate, and with or without backs.

Available in sizes ranging from 4 feet to 8 feet, these tables offer plenty of flexibility to suit the number of diners you plan to feed and to fit the space where you plan to set your table. For smaller groups and tighter spaces, consider our 43-inch square pine dining table, which is available with or without backed benches.