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Bench Planters

If you want to beautify your deck, patio or backyard, and add spacious seating as well, the Cedar Wood and Redwood Planter Benches from Adams All Natural Cedar are a smart option. Each of these wonderful planter benches does double duty. A wooden bench with planters adds colorful highlights to your outdoor landscape with the pretty plants they hold. These sets also provide lots more room where family, friends and guests can sit down and enjoy casual conversation in a warm and welcoming environment.

You will find a variety of wooden planters with bench systems here at CedarwoodFurniture.com, so you can find exactly the right setup to fit the outdoor space you have in mind. Most of our planter benches include two planters joined by one bench. But if you have a bigger outdoor area to fill or often entertain larger groups, we also offer options that include three planters and two benches. Available in sturdy cedar or luxurious redwood, these planter benches will stand up to the weather for a long time and provide years of enjoyment.

Bench Planter w/ Free Shipping (3 & 5pc. Option)
Price : $470.00
Sale Price : $404.00
Raised Planter Bench  (3 to 9pc Options) - Exclusive Item - Not Currently Available
Price : $465.00
Sale Price : $398.00
Heritage Planter Bench: 3pc. Set
Price : $341.00
Cedar Planter with Bench Kit
Price : $598.57
Sale Price : $419.00
Heritage Double Planter Bench: 5pc. Set
Price : $551.00
Best Redwood Bench Planter Set
Price : $2,770.00
Sale Price : $1,939.00
4' Villa Cedar Planter & Bench Set
Price : $389.00
4' Villa Planter Bench Only
Price : $103.00
Adams All Natural Cedar Gift Certificate
Price : $50.00