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Umbrella Accessories

The umbrella on your patio or porch protects you from sun and rain. But what protects your umbrella?

Adams All Natural Cedar has the answer. You can add extra life to your umbrella and help keep it from fading with an umbrella protector. A small investment in one of our quality umbrella covers will pay big long-term dividends in a better-looking, longer-lasting outdoor umbrella. We carry umbrella covers in a variety of sizes so you can find one thatís right for you.

In addition to umbrella covers, we also stock other accessories for your outdoor umbrellas. Our umbrella lights, for instance, will let you extend your enjoyment of your outdoor environment after the sun goes down. They are perfect for parties or just for hanging out with friends and family after dark. These versatile lights fit most straight umbrellas and run on three rechargeable AA batteries as well as AC power from 110V electrical outlets.
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