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Umbrellas 7' - 9' Diameter

An umbrella is a smart addition to your outdoors environment. It will extend your enjoyment of the environment outside your home, shielding you, your family and guests from sun and rain. At Adams All Natural Cedar, we carry a big assortment of 7-Foot to 9-Foot Outdoor Patio and Market Umbrellas. These are perfect for a beautiful umbrella accent table that fits a 7 ft. in dia. or 9 ft. umbrella, and for many other types of outdoor tables and spaces as well.

Our umbrellas are available in a broad palette of colors, letting you suit your taste and match the color scheme of your outdoor environment. Choose from poles made of teak, hardwood or aluminum, and fabrics including polyester, olefin and Sunbrella. You can easily raise or lower our umbrellas, which come with either a brass chain pulley or crank lift.

As a rule of thumb, you should select an umbrella that is 4 or 5 feet larger than the space you want to shade. If you need to shade a larger space, check out our 10 to 12 Foot Patio Umbrellas.

If you have questions about which umbrella is right for you, we are here to help. Call us toll-free or email us for a quick response.

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