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Swing FramesSwing Frames

Do you yearn for the old-fashioned pleasure of an outdoor swing for you and your family but lack a place to install one on your home or would prefer not to drill holes on your patio or deck or in the side of your house? Cedarwood Furniture offers you a smart solution with our standalone cedar wood outdoor swing frames.

Made in the U.S. or Canada of premium Western red cedar, these swing sets are carefully crafted and provide great stability. Thanks to cedarís natural oils, they will also provide years of carefree swinging with minimal maintenance. Most of these swing sets are available unfinished or in your choice of attractive stains.

We stock a variety of sizes, letting you fit a wide range of swing sizes as well as spaces on your property. Choose from designs ranging from simple A-frames and basic swing frames to elaborate pergolas with swing-set kits that give you everything you need to get off to a swinging start.

Cedar Pergola w/ Swing Hangers
Price : $1,075.60
Fanback Garden Swing Sets 4 or 5 Ft. Option
Price : $350.00
Sale Price : $298.00
4' or 5' Cedar Swing with Frame Set Kit
Price : $864.00
Sale Price : $634.00
Cedar Pergola Swing Set Kit
Price : $2,192.00
Sale Price : $1,636.00
Cedar Royal Country Hearts Porch Swing w/ Stand
Price : $1,318.80
Sale Price : $1,099.00
Cedar Country Hearts Porch Swing w/ Stand
Price : $1,174.80
Sale Price : $979.00
Swing Yard Frame with Roof - 2 sizes
Price : $830.00
Stand Alone Basic Swing Frame
Price : $498.00
Swing A-Frame Kit - 2 Sizes
Price : $512.00
Sale Price : $375.00