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Raised Garden Containers

Versatile and attractive, the Cedar Wood Raised Garden Beds, Planters and Tables from Adams All Natural Cedar will make you a better gardener. These raised garden tables will also make your backyard, patio or any other outdoor space more attractive and functional.

Raised container gardening lends itself to a variety of uses. Use a raised garden table to start and nurture seedlings, and to work with potting and repotting without hurting your back. A raised container garden also is a perfect place to grow a showy display of flowers. If you are looking to eat better and healthier, grow your own veggies or herbs in your elevated container garden.

We carry a huge selection of raised garden beds, planters and tables to fit just about any space and any use you may have in mind. They come in all shapes and sizes. Constructed of naturally insect- and weather-resistant cedar, these raised garden containers are built to last.

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