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Octagon Gable Vents

Besides adding a touch of class to your home, an octagonal gable vent can extend the life of your roof and your homeís other structural components by providing better ventilation above the ceiling. Here at Adams All Natural Cedar, we carry a wide selection of Octagonal Cedar Wood and PVC Gable Vents, so you are sure to find the right one for your needs. In fact, because our octagon gable vents are individually made by American craftsmen, we can have a gable vent custom made to fit your home and needs.

If you are looking for good looks as well as natural resistance to insects and the weather, consider a cedar octagonal gable vent. In addition, our octagon gable vents are available in other types of wood, including cypress and yellow pine. For extreme resistance to moisture and rot, take a look at our PVC octagonal gable vents. White in color, they match practically any paint job.

Pick from a range of sizes running from 10 inches to 36 inches. Of course, as mentioned, we can accommodate practically any size. If you donít see what you want, call us toll-free or email us for assistance.

10" Octagon Gable Vent
Price : $69.07
12" Octagon Gable Vent
Price : $87.09
16" Octagon Gable Vent
Price : $109.37
18" Octagon Gabel Vent
Price : $114.82
22" Octagon Gabe Vent
Price : $153.68
24" Octagon Gable Vent
Price : $155.08
30" Octagon Gable Vent
Price : $209.84
36" Octagon Gable Vent
Price : $315.44