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Portable Heater & Air Conditioners

Indoors or outside, you can help yourself, your family and guests feel better and breathe easier with our Portable Outdoor/Indoor Heaters, Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers. Small and easy to carry, these amazing machines will keep everyone comfortable throughout the seasons. Besides making people feel good, our air conditioners and heaters are also perfect for pets. They will keep your dog cozy in summer and winter.

No matter what your furniture style, portable room air conditioner products from Adams All-Natural Cedar will be appreciated anywhere you use them. Energy-efficient and easy to use, they will deliver almost instant comfort no matter what the weather. We carry many Thermassure air conditioner products, assuring you of the highest quality. Check out the Climate Right reviews online to see the many benefits of this affordably priced new brand of a/c from Thermassure and Petcool.

Besides portable air conditioners and heaters to make you feel better, we also offer portable air purifiers to help you feel healthier. These can remove annoying and unhealthy impurities from your environment such as pet dander, pollen, smoke, dust and more.