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Vinyl Outdoor Monterrey Pergola
Vinyl Outdoor Monterrey Pergola
Vinyl Outdoor Monterrey Pergola

Vinyl Outdoor Monterrey Pergola

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Product Information


Adams All Natural Furniture knows how well the modern look of white vinyl can fit into any outdoor setting. The white vinyl Monterrey Pergola gives your garden or outdoor space the “modern meets outdoors” look you may be searching for.

Available in multiple sizes, your pergola is constructed with hardware made from galvanized steel. Like the other pergolas available, some assembly will be required but the inground mount is provided. Free curbside shipping is available for this piece.


Finish:White Vinyl
Assembly:Some Assembly Required
Hardware Used:Galvanized Steel
Shipping Mode:Truck Freight
Feature:In Ground Mount
Weight:3' x 8': 490 Lbs
4' x 8': 535 Lbs
3' x 10': 525 Lbs
4' x 10': 570 Lbs
3' x 12': 560 Lbs
4' x 12': 605 Lbs
3' x 14': 595 Lbs
4' x 14': 640 Lbs
3' x 16': 630 Lbs
4' x 16': 675 Lbs
Dimensions:3' x 8' Size
Overall Dimensions: 3' x 8'
Interior Dimensions: 3' x 86"
4' x 8' Size
Overall Dimensions: 4' x 8'
Interior Dimensions: 4' x 86"
3' x 10' Size
Overall Dimensions: 3' x 10'
Interior Dimensions: 3' x 110"
4' x 10' Size
Overall Dimensions: 4' x 10'
Interior Dimensions: 4' x 110"
3' x 12' Size
Overall Dimensions: 3' x 12'
Interior Dimensions: 3' x 134"
4' x 12' Size
Overall Dimensions: 4' x 12'
Interior Dimensions: 4' x 134"
3' x 14' Size
Overall Dimensions: 3' x 14'
Interior Dimensions: 3' x 158"
4' x 14' Size
Overall Dimensions: 4' x 14'
Interior Dimensions: 4' x 158"
3' x 16' Size
Overall Dimensions: 3' x 16'
Interior Dimensions: 3' x 182"
4' x 16' Size
Overall Dimensions: 4' x 16'
Interior Dimensions: 3' x 182"
For All Sizes
Post Dimension: 5" Square & 10' Tall
Beam Dimensions: 2" x 8" Double Beams
Main Runner Dimensions: 2" x 6" - Approx 16" on Center with Pine Inserts
Top Runner Dimensions: 2" Square - 12" on Center
Top Runner Spacing: 12" On Center

Manual & Assembly Instructions

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Note that the time it takes to arrive depends on many factors. Depending on where you live it can take anywhere from 2 to 8 business days for delivery by truck.


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