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2', 3', 4', 6', 8' or 12' Garden Bridge Kit
Item #ATC-FB24U
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As bridges bring people together, so too will the 3', 6' or 12' Garden Bridge pull together the harmonic elements of any home and make it into a peaceful sanctuary. An ideal and functional addition to the front or backyard, this graceful planked bridge is made from solid cedar sides and clear western cedar foot planks. Aside from looking great, that means it will withstand the years and wonít rust like metal bridges.
Each piece is finely sanded with fully routed edges, while each bridge comes with the option of additional handrails. The natural grain of the wood is left untouched, while each plank has a slightly different color and look to mimic the raw beauty and imperfection found in nature.
Built to last and withstand the elements, the 3í Garden Bridge is handcrafted from snugly fitting parts that come easy to assemble with fully illustrated instructions. Itís a perfect complement for small creeks and ditches. Have your own Golden Gate out back and become one of the bridge and tunnel crowd.
3' w/o Rails Measures 36"W x 36"D x 12"H
3' w Rails Measures 36"W x 36"D x 33"H
6' w/o Rails Measures 36"W x 72"D x 12"H
6' w Rails Measures 36"W x 72"D x 33"H
12' w/o Rails Measures 36"W x 144"D x 12"H
12' w Rails Measures 36"W x 144"D x 35"H

Dimensions:2 Foot Bridge-
24" W x 29" D x 4" H
2 Foot Bridge with Rails-
25" W x 29" D x 16" H
3 Foot Bridge-
36" W x 36" D x 7" H
3 Foot Bridge with Rails-
36" W x 36 "D x 33" H
4 Foot Bridge-
47" W x 36" D x 7" H
4 Foot Bridge with Rails-
47" W x 36" D x 33" H
6 Foot Bridge-
72" W x 36" D x 12" H
6 Foot Bridge with Rails-
72" W x 36" D x 33" H
8 Foot Bridge-
96" W x 36" D x 12" H
8 Foot Bridge with Rails-
96" W x 36" D x 33" H
12 Foot Bridge-
144" W x 36" D x 14" H
12 Foot Bridge with Rails-
144" W x 36" D x 35" H
Weight:2' Bridge
12 lbs
2' Bridge with Rails
14 lbs
3' Bridge
23 lbs
3' Bridge with Rails
32 lbs
4' Bridge
25 lbs
4' Bridge with Rails
39 lbs
6' Bridge
53 lbs
6' Bridge with Rails
69 lbs
8' Bridge
72 lbs
8' Bridge with Rails
96 lbs
12' Bridge
152 lbs
12' Bridge with Rails
167 lbs
Wood:Western Red Cedar
Assembly:Comes as a Complete Kit
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